Yield-farming.io - Farmers guide.

Ready to start farming and earning your first $YIELD, but not exactly sure where to begin? Don’t fret, follow the guidelines below and you will be up and farming in no time!

First off,

Select the pool you wish to join:

in this example we are going with our native YIELD-ETH pair.

Clicking any of our pool pairs in the homepage directs you to their respective staking portal, here you should click the ‘BUY LP’ link up top, which will direct you straight to the pool pair where you are required to provide liquidity, in this case https://app.uniswap.org/#/add/0x6768063279E2B185Dc0c972b97f11f231d0B45ad/ETH (YIELD-ETH).

In order to provide liquidity you need to provide an equal 50% worth on both sides of the pair, in this example 7385.41 YIELD would need to be matched with 0.1 eth, in order to succeed. Once you click supply and confirm the transaction, make sure it actually goes through successfully via etherscan, before moving onto the next step.

With that done, ‘Your position’ section on uniswap will update, and you can now return to the approve tab.

Now go ahead and approve the LP tokens you just received from uniswap.

Will display approved once transaction is confirmed.

You may now stake your LP tokens!

Once that confirms as shown above, you are all done, and already farming YIELD tokens which you can watch accumulate in the ‘CLAIM’ section.

As for the ‘WITHDRAW’ section,

If you ever choose to withdraw, you will receive your staked LP tokens back along with automatically claiming any YIELD tokens which may have accumulated in the ‘CLAIM’ section straight back to your address.

We welcome you into the world of yield farming, and if you encounter any issues along the way, please feel free to join one of our communities to request any further assistance.

Yield with Trust.

Official website: https://yield-farming.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/yieldfarmingio
Telegram Ann Channel:

Trust the Yield

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